Day 1: How’s your soil?

So here we go! Day 1 has arrived and we’re ready to dig. Got your tools? Ready to sing the ‘Heigh, Ho’ song as we head off to the mine? Well before we get stuck in I just want to offer another tip. In fact, every day we’ll build up more and more tips and share ideas.


Day 1 Top Tip

Always begin your time with God by praying. Remember this is a two-way conversation. You talk to God and then turn to the Bible and listen as He talks to you.

  • Ask God to settle your mind and your heart to help you listen to Him and block out all other distractions
  • Ask Him to help you understand what you read and be willing to obey it.
  • Tell Him how much you want to hear from Him and how much you know you need Him.

Remember it’s important to spend time after your ‘digging deeper’ session praying about what you’ve discovered.

Right, let’s go!


 It was nice thinking about gold, silver and precious gems…sparkly, beautiful, bling bling.

Enjoy a good chat about soil? Not so much! But stick with this, because the result will be beautiful in the end.

When you were little did anyone ever tell you that old line about how you shouldn’t eat the little brown seeds in an apple (did anyone ever really want to?!) because if you ate the seeds, an apple tree would grow inside you. An interesting thought that used to conjure up all sorts of pictures in my vivid imagination. But did you know that there are seeds growing inside you?

When you accept Jesus to be your Saviour seeds are planted in you. These are seeds that will grow into fruit. The Bible calls these fruits The Fruits of the Spirit.

Read: Galatians 5 v 22-23

Read the list of fruit and make a note of them in your journal.


  • How strong or weak would you say you are in each area?
  • Which ‘fruits’ are growing strong and which need a bit of attention?

Maybe you think you’ll never have some of these fruits.”I’ll never have patience”, “I’ll never be gentle because that’s not my personality”, but remember if you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour then you have all the seeds planted. We just need the right conditions to let them grow.


Did you ever plant seeds in the garden and watch patiently for them to grow? Sometimes it’s disappointing when they never get started. Other times it’s exciting when they start for a bit, but then a real let down when they gradually die. If we were to ask a gardener what makes some grow and some not, the answer is likely to involve the conditions of the soil.

Read: Mark 4 v 3-20.


Jesus describes 4 different types of soil.

  • Make a note of the problems and the results.
  • What could be the ‘thorns’ in your life? List as many as you can think of.

For example, sometimes I find a thorn in my life is letting myself get too busy. When this happens my time with God is often squeezed and even when I do try to study, sometimes my mind is on all the other things I have to do; this ‘thorn’ chokes the seed that God wants to grow into fruit in my life.

  • List 3 practical steps you could take to ensure you are like good soil and avoid being the poor soil. These might be things that you could do more of or things that you could do less of or stop doing.

If you have time….

Extra Reading: Psalm 1.

I love verse 2. It tells us exactly how to be blessed and grow fruitful.

Remember to keep asking yourself through the day “What did God say to me? Are there actions I need to take?”


2 thoughts on “Day 1: How’s your soil?

  1. susiehamill says:

    I never really thought of the Fruits of the Spirit in this way before……that when I got saved, the seeds of the fruit of the Spirit were planted in my heart. I pray that by God’s grace and through His Holy Spirit that God will help me to bear much fruit in my life and make me more like Christ.


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