Day 8: Selah

imagePerhaps you’ve noticed the word “Selah” written after some verses in the Psalms. There seem to be some different ideas about how this Hebrew word should be translated, but one idea that I find really useful is that it means “Pause…and calmly think about that.”

We’ve covered a lot of ground in a week, so today I suggest that rather than studying new passages and new fruit, we just take time to have a “Selah” moment; that we will pause and calmly think about what we have learned.

Let’s spend our time with God, looking over our journals and special verses,asking

“What have you been saying to me Lord?”


  • Record one thing God has really challenged you about this week.
  • Record one thing that has encouraged you this week from the Bible.
  • Choose a verse that you could learn for each of these points.

I think for me, the challenge has been to maintain the joy in my life, even through the tough times. To help the seed of this fruit grow in my life I can focus on all the blessings I have as a Christian (Romans 8) and avoid complaining about my circumstances.


My greatest encouragement from God’s Word this week has been that I don’t have to produce this fruit in my own strength; great news, since that would be impossible! Romans 8 v 29 tells me that God chose me and planned that I would be molded into the image of Jesus. Wow! Sometimes I’m very tough clay to work with, but God is an expert potter and will finish His work in me, since nothing is impossible for Him.

Pause…and calmly think about that!

Extra Time:

imageOk, so I realise that “Bunty” will be a completely antique concept for most of you (yes the date on that comic is 1986!), but you don’t know what you missed! Monday afternoon after Primary School for me meant coming home to my weekly comic that had been ordered from the Spar. My mum secretly loved it as much as I did and there were endless chats about the girls at boarding school, known to their loyal readers as “The Four Marys”. Plus add to the excitement the fact that The Bread Man came to our house that afternoon (Think: postman, but with a van full of fresh bread rather than letters!). #simplepleasures

Ever since then I’ve loved a quiet afternoon spent with a magazine or book (but now try to go a little easier on the plain loaf!). So I have been delighted recently to stumble across a brilliant online magazine specifically aimed at Christian girls and young women. It’s part of a website called “Set Apart Girl” and the main contributor is Leslie Ludy who has written some great books including “Authentic Beauty” and “When God Writes Your Love Story”. I think many of you will love this and it’s well worth a look; so I’ve added links below to a couple of articles from two of the magazines that relate to what we’ve been studying, but do have a wee browse through the other issues!

Article on Creative Journaling in this issue:

Article on Loving the Unlikable in this issue:


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Selah

  1. I suppose the biggest challenge for me this week is the one of loving those who don’t love us back. How easy to love those who love us.The challenge for me is to show Christ in my life by loving and caring for people who don’t deserve it. After all isn’t that what Christ did for all of us!


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