Day 10: The Peace Promises

imageWe’re half way through! Hopefully having got to Day 10 of our 20/20 Vision we are now establishing good routines of Bible study in our busy lives and feeling blessed through spending lovely times with Jesus. Perhaps you’ve missed a day or two and been finding it hard to keep up. Please don’t let that put you off. The devil will always come to us and whisper negative things in our ears to discourage us. He always wants us to feel guilty and condemned, but don’t accept his lies. You’re a precious child of God. He has wonderful things He wants to talk to you about and He’ll help you to understand His Word and organise your day to take time for Him, if you will ask Him to do that. So let’s keep on keeping on! Remember also, just go at your own pace and if you want to split the readings up over several days to give you more time to think about them, then that’s a great idea.

The Peace Promises

Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed? Too much to do and just not enough time; a situation in your life that feels like a bit of a mess; a task or assignment that just seems too hard; a problem that you’re just getting weary of because it’s dragging on and on with no solution?

Yesterday we considered the fruit of peace and how having Jesus with us and having faith in His words can allow us to experience peace even in the worst of situations. However, over the next two days we want to get really practical and dig into a few verses (some of my all time favourites) that can highlight to us the role we need to play in cultivating this fruit of peace.


Psalm 119 v 165

Isaiah 26 v 3

John 14 v 27

Because each of these verses can be such an encouragement and comfort to us, containing special promises, I thought it may be helpful to have each one of them written out fully below. You could perhaps print these off and stick them in your journal.



You may decide you want to take several days over these verses to really let their message impact you. There’s quite a lot to think about. Look at each one slowly trying to think of the importance of all the words. This may be a good time to get out your dictionary!

Ps 119 v 165

This is a promise of 2 things: that we have peace (great peace, to be exact!) and also that we’ll not stumble. What does it mean to “stumble”? Dictionary, anyone?

Who are the people who have peace and don’t stumble?

Write down how you can love God’s Law today.

Isaiah 26 v 3

This is another great promise. It has the same idea as Ps 119 of having a steady walk of peace (not stumbling) since it tells us that God will keep us in perfect peace. This means we don’t have to be up and down all the time in terms of the peace in our hearts; however, sadly that often just isn’t the case in our lives. This is where the second part of the verse comes in.

The condition for receiving this perfect peace is that ‘our minds are stayed on God’. This means keeping God’s truth is at the forefront of our minds all through the day. Write down 3 ways that you could make sure this is the case for you each day this week. It may involve new things you could try or things you perhaps should give up, because they are filling your mind with thoughts that aren’t helpful.

Some ideas:

imageJohn 14 v 27

Jesus was telling His disciples that He would soon be leaving them to return to Heaven. This would naturally make them feel anxious and worried.

How does Jesus comfort them in this verse? Remember this promise applies to us as well, when we’re feeling anxious and worried about the future.

Jesus says His peace is different from the world’s peace. Write down some ways you think people who don’t know Christ try to find peace.

The problem with the world’s “peace” is that it doesn’t last, but we’ve already discovered that Jesus can give us perfect peace.

The last sentence is a command: “Do not let…..” In other words we have to stop ourselves from being troubled and afraid. Jesus wouldn’t give us this command without supplying the power to obey it. I find the explanation of this sentence in the Amplified version helpful:

“Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.”

You may want to look up a few of the underlined words in your dictionary – I had to!

Write down any of these words that you think apply to you at times. The command is strong “Stop….do not permit yourself….” In other words we have a choice!

Make a note of any steps you could take today to stop yourself having these sorts of thoughts rather than knowing the peace of Jesus.

Some ideas:

imageWhy not now spend some time memorizing one of these verses by heart. David says in Psalm 119 v 11

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you

By spending lots of moments throughout our day thinking on these verses, once we’ve committed them to memory, this will help the seeds of peace to grow within us as fruit.


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